Birthday Gifts for Kids You Don’t Know :S

By S. Standish We have all been there.....the invites in the school bag to parties of kids we have never even heard of, but are currently your child's bff and they have to go with the coolest/bestest(a word in our family dictionary) present of all time. We try not to do trendy toys or gender-specific, … Continue reading Birthday Gifts for Kids You Don’t Know :S

Hot Toys for Christmas 2017

By S. Standish You better watch out, you'd better not cry…guess what?!?  Christmas is around the corner and starting to loom everywhere in social media.  So it's time to start making your lists and checking them twice. From Star Wars, Lego, DC Comics, Hatchimals, Disney and many more brands, there are a lot of cool toys … Continue reading Hot Toys for Christmas 2017

Toy Hype – Fidget Spinners

A fidget spinner is a type of stress relieving toy for kids and adults alike. This trendy toy is being  sold as a distraction object for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, anxiety and autism. But it's also being regulated or even banned in classrooms across the country.  A fidget spinner has a bearing in the center … Continue reading Toy Hype – Fidget Spinners