Birthday Gifts for Kids You Don’t Know :S

By S. Standish We have all been there.....the invites in the school bag to parties of kids we have never even heard of, but are currently your child's bff and they have to go with the coolest/bestest(a word in our family dictionary) present of all time. We try not to do trendy toys or gender-specific, … Continue reading Birthday Gifts for Kids You Don’t Know :S

Elmer’s Slime Recipe – Worry Free

ELMER’S SLIME RECIPE AND INSTRUCTIONS: Taken from the Elmer's Web site. This slime is very easy to make and with a few slight adjustments, you (or the kids) can alter it to fit every holiday and theme. Slime Ingredients: 1/2 TBSP of Baking Soda 1 TBSP of Contact Solution (must contain Boric Acid) 4 fl … Continue reading Elmer’s Slime Recipe – Worry Free