Rocking the Summer: Fun Tips/Recipes/Games

By S. Standish Fun Food Tips Helpful Ideas: a. Destemming strawberries, starting at the pointed bottom of the strawberry, push a drinking straw up into the centre.  This takes the stem and leaves off. If the aim is a bit off and the straw goes askew, keep trying to remove any pieces that are left. b. … Continue reading Rocking the Summer: Fun Tips/Recipes/Games

Friday Night Idea……:)

Pizza night is the highlight of our weekly meals. We love pizza but the pizza we would have delivered isn’t exactly wholesome food and pizza in my weakness so tonight we tried the Homemade Grilled Pizza. We are finally starting to feel the warmth on our faces after a long Winter which means it’s time… via … Continue reading Friday Night Idea……:)

Top 15 80’s Movies to watch with your Grade School Kids

By S. Standish (80s child and therefore an expert in the field) Make sure that you look at parent groups for reviews and information about appropriate content and what questions it may raise for your kids. We like the resource Common Sense Media. The Goonies (1985)- A group of misfit kids set out to find a pirate's … Continue reading Top 15 80’s Movies to watch with your Grade School Kids

80 Things to Do in Summer when Kids say “There’s NOTHING to do!!”

By S. Standish - Teacher, Mother of 3 Crazy Fabulous Boys, Entrepreneur and NEW Blogger! Here is a good list of things that you can present, when you get the infamous roll of the eyes and, "There's nothing to do!" Water Balloon Baseball - water balloons and kids foam bats…..tons of giggles and wet clothes. … Continue reading 80 Things to Do in Summer when Kids say “There’s NOTHING to do!!”

Toy Hype – Fidget Spinners

A fidget spinner is a type of stress relieving toy for kids and adults alike. This trendy toy is being  sold as a distraction object for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, anxiety and autism. But it's also being regulated or even banned in classrooms across the country.  A fidget spinner has a bearing in the center … Continue reading Toy Hype – Fidget Spinners

Spring Crafts To-Do List:

Paper Bag Kite Materials - Large brown paper bag (from a store, sometimes a larger gift bag works too!), String, Hole puncher, tape,  scissors, art supplies to make it awesomely your style, Stapler/Glue, streamer rolls Grab your bag by the open end, put a piece of clear tape in each of the corners(near the edge) and … Continue reading Spring Crafts To-Do List:

Top 10 Sports for your Kids to Play this Summer

The best sports for kids are fun to learn and play, teach about teamwork and responsibility and help keep kids in shape. In no particular order, these are the most requested kid programming sports. Ball Hockey - Try it with rollerblades! Flag Football - Non-physical version of football, perfect for lil' NFL/CFL fans! Beach Volleyball … Continue reading Top 10 Sports for your Kids to Play this Summer

Kids Movies Coming out in 2017!!!

Can NOT wait to see these films....:) Click on the names for the trailers and/or more information from other sites! We will keep adding to this list as time goes on. Leap - March 3rd, 2017 Beauty and the Beast – March 17th, 2017 Power Rangers - March 24th, 2017 The Boss Baby – March 31st, 2017 … Continue reading Kids Movies Coming out in 2017!!!