Ontario Places We Love to Visit

By S. Standish & G. Lewis This is a work in progress....please be patient as we are aiming to have Ontario and New York State done for Spring 2018. Ontario Places: NIAGARA REGION: Safari Niagara - Stevensville, ON (close to Niagara Falls) Thank you for being a partner of our annual Try It Kids-Athlon! Time … Continue reading Ontario Places We Love to Visit

Summer Camping (Glamping) In Ontario 2017

It's that time of year again, nights are long, clothes are lighter and the lakes call out for late night dips and early morning swims. We are a fortunate family, both my husband and myself are teachers and able to spend the summer languidly travelling about to find the best places for our kids to experience … Continue reading Summer Camping (Glamping) In Ontario 2017