50 Things to Do During SPRING when Kids say “I’m SOOOOOOO Bored!”

Written by S. Standish, Co-owner Try It Kids INC., Teacher, Phys Ed Specialist, Mom of 3 Boys It doesn’t matter what the age or stage yourself/your child/your grandpa, we can all use help to find awesome activities to keep our kids/selves busy and engaged. If coming up with a chore list, isn't making them happy … Continue reading 50 Things to Do During SPRING when Kids say “I’m SOOOOOOO Bored!”

Toy Hype – Fidget Spinners

A fidget spinner is a type of stress relieving toy for kids and adults alike. This trendy toy is being  sold as a distraction object for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, anxiety and autism. But it's also being regulated or even banned in classrooms across the country.  A fidget spinner has a bearing in the center … Continue reading Toy Hype – Fidget Spinners

Spring Crafts To-Do List:

Paper Bag Kite Materials - Large brown paper bag (from a store, sometimes a larger gift bag works too!), String, Hole puncher, tape,  scissors, art supplies to make it awesomely your style, Stapler/Glue, streamer rolls Grab your bag by the open end, put a piece of clear tape in each of the corners(near the edge) and … Continue reading Spring Crafts To-Do List:

Top 10 Sports for your Kids to Play this Summer

The best sports for kids are fun to learn and play, teach about teamwork and responsibility and help keep kids in shape. In no particular order, these are the most requested kid programming sports. Ball Hockey - Try it with rollerblades! Flag Football - Non-physical version of football, perfect for lil' NFL/CFL fans! Beach Volleyball … Continue reading Top 10 Sports for your Kids to Play this Summer

Top 5 Family Campgrounds in Ontario that we love! (from our 2016 season:) )

By S. Standish S'Mores, sunsets and sunscreen. If you are looking for an awesome camping experience, Ontario has a lot of great places to rough it or glamp in style. Tons of options of camping sites starting with off-the-grid camping (for more experienced campers), big party camping, and cabin rentals, there are many choices in … Continue reading Top 5 Family Campgrounds in Ontario that we love! (from our 2016 season:) )

Buying a Wicked Kids Bike

Kids love to go outside and ride their bikes. That fabulous look the minute they finally get riding on two wheels, forever gaining a skill that will give them freedom....sweet elation. Buying the perfect size bike for a kid is not a precise science. Online guides are useful but nowhere near as useful as watching your kid actually … Continue reading Buying a Wicked Kids Bike

April Fool’s Day Fun!!!!

*will add pictures tomorrow!!:) History of the Day It is a special pranking day, celebrated every April 1st. It can be a lot of fun if planned out correctly. There are many theories and speculations over what started the tradition every year. Although the beginning may be foggy, we know that there have been great … Continue reading April Fool’s Day Fun!!!!

Tale as old as time……..

What an epic retelling of the classic Beauty and the Beast!!! I took my 7 and 6 year old sons to the theatre to see this movie on their insistence and pleading to go! I loved the 1991 Disney cartoon and remember going when I was young and being awe-struck of the tale. My 7 … Continue reading Tale as old as time……..