Spring 2017 Mini Magazine

We love our Mini Mag!!!! Some great ideas for the spring!!  


Buying a Wicked Kids Bike

Kids love to go outside and ride their bikes. That fabulous look the minute they finally get riding on two wheels, forever gaining a skill that will give them freedom....sweet elation. Buying the perfect size bike for a kid is not a precise science. Online guides are useful but nowhere near as useful as watching your kid actually … Continue reading Buying a Wicked Kids Bike

Beginner Football Games – Geared to Newbies/Young Children

Football is a hard sport to get some children into. Here are some games that will hopefully help with interest levels.....:) Any type of game encourage kids’ play with a football theme. The following are three kid-tested games to play with kids at school, during recess or on the home field prepping for  Super Bowl Sunday. Let us … Continue reading Beginner Football Games – Geared to Newbies/Young Children