Back To School – Lunch Planner

By S. Standish It is hard having kids.....period. School lunches are the bane of my existence some mornings. I made a quick menu plan to help myself (and the kids) stay on track and thereby not wasting time on figuring out what to pack in their awesome lunch bags (ROOTS @ Costco)!! Snack Ideas: Muffins … Continue reading Back To School – Lunch Planner


‘Soup’er Meals – Top 10 Reasons to Eat Soup

By S. Standish - October 2017 Soup is usually a quite delicious, convenient and healthy meal in the cooler months of the year. But.....guess what??? It actually has a lot of health benefits that will encourage you to add soups in your meal planning. There are many 'soup'er reasons to eat soup, both physical and psychological. … Continue reading ‘Soup’er Meals – Top 10 Reasons to Eat Soup

Cool App – PrePear

Prepear is a fantastic new connected cooking app designed to make you a better, happier home cook. Download it for free today! At Super Healthy Kids, we’re not afraid to dream big. It’s why we started our business: we believed we could reach millions of busy families with our message of health and inspiration. We… via … Continue reading Cool App – PrePear

25 Fabulous Fall Activities to do with Kids

Dive into a mound of fall leaves. I did this as a child and we try to do it every year with our munchkins. The kids even love raking up all the leaves to jump the last round have a contest to see who can rake the biggest piles (to help you clean up). … Continue reading 25 Fabulous Fall Activities to do with Kids

SMART SUMMER: Activities to Keep Kids Brains AND Bodies Active!!!

By S. Standish The weeks off for the summer holidays are the ideal time to find exciting ways to keep young brains stimulated. Any little bit helps, and each of these summer ideas will do the trick for maintaining your child’s current grade/skill level. What’s more important, is that they apply the skills to their real life, which … Continue reading SMART SUMMER: Activities to Keep Kids Brains AND Bodies Active!!!

Why do we eat what we do?

KidFoody Exploratory Article - By S. Standish Most people are able to have enough food to keep themselves nutritionally sound. Most of our food habits and patterns are influenced by many factors (not just the growling in our stomachs). Why We Eat - Have you ever paused in your busy day and think about why … Continue reading Why do we eat what we do?

Rocking the Summer: Fun Tips/Recipes/Games

By S. Standish Fun Food Tips Helpful Ideas: a. Destemming strawberries, starting at the pointed bottom of the strawberry, push a drinking straw up into the centre.  This takes the stem and leaves off. If the aim is a bit off and the straw goes askew, keep trying to remove any pieces that are left. b. … Continue reading Rocking the Summer: Fun Tips/Recipes/Games

Friday Night Idea……:)

Pizza night is the highlight of our weekly meals. We love pizza but the pizza we would have delivered isn’t exactly wholesome food and pizza in my weakness so tonight we tried the Homemade Grilled Pizza. We are finally starting to feel the warmth on our faces after a long Winter which means it’s time… via … Continue reading Friday Night Idea……:)