What can we do with all the LEFTOVER Candy Canes??

By S. Standish, December 2017

Mint Flavoured Candy Cane Uses that we have made: 

  1. Make a peppermint hot chocolate!! Dip mug rim in light corn syrup, then dip that rim into crushed candy canes. Add your hot cocoa mix of choice and enjoy the deliciousness.  You can also add the crushed candy cane to the mix and then mix it in and let it melt. YUM!
  2. Candy Cane Milkshakes!! Quick, easy and delicious. Our 8 year old is a pro at making milkshakes and smoothies and these are delicious. All you need is some milk(3/4 cup), vanilla ice cream(a good scoop), and one crushed candy cane per serving. Another thing we like to add is curls of chocolate on top. If there are chocolates lying around, just grate some on top of this delicious concoction.
  3. DIY Peppermint ornaments. This is a great last minute gift from the little ones. Spray metal cookie cutters with nonstick spray and put on a parchment-lined cookie sheet. Fill each shape with crushed peppermint candy canes; then bake at 350’F until melted (we use the 5 minute rule). Let cool for a moment and then have an adult make a small hole in each for ribbon or twine. We used a greased metal straw, but you can also use a greased skewer.
  4. Peppermint Popcorn Treat! Drizzle melted chocolate (white is our favourite) over air-popped popcorn and toss with a bit of crushed candy canes, while the chocolate is sticky. 
  5. Chocolate Peppermint Pretzels!! We did these last year and they were a delicious hit. I have to find the recipe we used, as it was super easy and delicious. I melted chocolate chips and added a bit of oil to thin it up. We used a fork and dipped the pretzel in the melted chocolate, and placed them on a parchment-covered cookie sheet, sprinkling them with the crushed candy canes when they are still sticky. YUMMY!!
  6. Store for future use. We have ground up candy canes and put them in a spice jar for easy use on things. We have also frozen them successfully and used them to have a minty treat around St. Patrick’s Day. 

Things we would like to try:

  1. Candy cane sugar scrub for those that are spa-inclined. This would be divine as a gift! – Pop Sugar
  2. Candy Cane Ice Cream Sundae – Kids love ice cream, the good ones are usually sold out before the holidays come, this would be a great alternative. – Momtastic
  3. STEM Activities are always a hit! Make candy canes dance with this awesome holiday experiment for kids – Inspiration Laboratories
  4. Magically change Christmas candy into Valentine’s Day sweet treats by creating these candy cane hearts from One Little Project. It’s an easy way to transition those candy from one holiday to the next. I would add some Valentine-themed sprinkles (found at bulk barn) to the middle. 
  5.  Candy Cane Bark Recipes – As with any delicious leftover candy, making a batch of chocolate bark (who doesn’t love chocolate??) makes a quick and easy treat.
    1. Peppermint Bark (via Martha Stewart)
    2. Candy Cane Bark (via Better Homes and Gardens)


Do you have any other awesome ideas for leftover Candy Canes???

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