Over 70 Things to Do on Snow Days

By S. Standish 

We have a cold snap this year, and topping it off with sicknesses, we seem to be housebound quite a few days. Here is a great list that can give you some ideas of what you can do with your kidlets on those snow days that will help break up the long day, that could be filled with whining and boredom.

  1. Build a snowman, snow-woman, snow-pet, igloo, snow fort
  2. Binge-watch TV, Go through movie lists. 
  3. Pajama Day!!!! If you are home and stuck inside, find some awesome pjs and snuggle in for a cozy day.
  4. Draw portraits of each other. This is hilarious. 
  5. Try to find fun activities that are educational in nature, sneak in some homework. 🙂
  6. Watch sports and try to create an indoor safe version to play as a family. 
  7. Make indoor S’mores…..a summer favourite with our family, great to do in the winter too.
  8. Plan your next vacation or trip……think about where you would like to go as a family and come up with a plan.
  9. Teach someone how to play chess or learn how to play it yourself.
  10. Paint a masterpiece. Put a fun twist on it….have everyone use their feet to pain their pictures. 
  11. Make snow ice cream…..we used to make this with fresh snow from outside, but if you are worried about organisms, use shaved ice.
  12. Bake something special together….I don’t make a lot of pies….I know my kids would love if I attempted to make a fresh apple pie. 
  13. Have a clean up competition……..vacuum games, dusting challenges.
  14. Work out….make it fun, put on a funny playlist, create wrestling-style outfits/personas and have a good time. 
  15. Write letters to friends or family members.
  16. Create an indoor Olympics competition.
  17. Origami competition…….love making paper cups, birds and other small animals.
  18. Look through old photo albums, and see if the kids look like the parents or other family members. 
  19. Download new apps onto tablets or phones.
  20. Put together a puzzle as a family.
  21. Perfect a slime recipe….try an edible version. We have the Elmer safe versions here.
  22. Go to a thrift store and find some cool new games or activities to play.
  23. Indoor Hockey….see our sock hockey game card.
  24. Eat comfort foods, find awesome recipes and make a list with the kids and start cheffing it up.
  25. Snowball fight – indoor (socks) or outdoor (lots of safety guidelines).
  26. Fashion Show….have everyone pick out outfits for other members of the family. 
  27. Wear comfy clothes, fuzzy socks, fave sweatshirts, etc.
  28. Play video games as a family. We love ‘Just Dance’, ‘Mario Kart’, ‘Guitar Hero’, ‘Sport packs’
  29. Find a fun yoga video and have everyone find a mat or towel and try it out.
  30. Have a trivia contest.
  31. Make a music video.
  32. Do some of the fun pinned things from Pinterest.com…..finally get to some of the fun things.
  33. Have a dance party…..we have a ‘Party Rocker‘ , which adds another level to a good time. 
  34. Play restaurant…create a theme, menu, table decorations, etc.
  35. Take funny photos…….make a photo booth and signs.
  36. Learn how to play a song as a group with instruments around the house. Keep it simple…..think ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb”.
  37. Build Legos. Create something huge together. 
  38. Go online and play some computer games. Discovery Kids , PBS Kids , Nick Games 
  39. Make magazine collages or mosaics. If you don’t have magazines lying around, then find cool images online and have the kids cut them out and reglue them on paper or paper plates.
  40. Create a snow day fitness challenge. Have the kids make one for you or one another. Have fun names for activities….like snowman squats, Jumping Jack Frosts, etc.
  41. Give the kids shovels and have them clean up the driveway and walkways. 
  42. Learn how to play something that your kids love….try Minecraft, try to play Pokemon, etc. 
  43. Create a puppet show.
  44. Make your own maple taffy…..Boil real maple syrup for 10 minutes, stirring often. Then carefully take the syrup outside. Have your kids find a smooth, clean area and pour the syrup into the snow in fun shapes and use popsicle sticks to make delicious treats on a stick.
  45. Have an at home spa day. Find natural ingredients around the home and come up with a fun spa name. 
  46. Turn up the heat and put on fun summer clothes and pretend you are at a beach.
  47. Make snow angels. Used to love doing this as a kid. Take pics of your kids making these great snow shapes. 
  48. Picnic lunch in the living room, or under a fort. 
  49. Go through toys and make a donation box for other kids. 
  50. Learn how to do magic tricks. 
  51. Meditate……as a family. Go through breathing exercises and mindfulness.
  52. Do a crossword puzzle as a family. Or find an age-appropriate puzzle for each family member and find funky markers to fill it is. 
  53. Have a colouring contest.
  54. Rearrange furniture and create fun spaces. 
  55. Make a rocket ship out of materials around the house. 
  56. Have a singing competition.
  57. Make balloon marbles, by filling balloons with water and food dye and let them freeze, take the balloon latex off and add some colourful marbles to the outdoor wonderland.
  58. Using coffee filters, make a whole bunch of snowflakes to hang up all over the house.
  59. Set up an indoor scavenger hunt. 
  60. Hit the slopes and go skiing, tubing or sledding.
  61. Make play dough and make an awesome snow scene.
  62. Sit by the fire (or picturesque window) and tell stories or play games.
  63. Be crafty…make a scarf. learn how to crochet, make cards
  64. Drink warm drinks like lattes, cocoa and teas.
  65. Sleep in and keep toasty.
  66. If you are brave, have your kids paint your nails or do your hair. Or make a fun hairdo game for everyone to participate in.
  67. Read a good book.
  68. Go ice skating.
  69. Visit with friends, or have a fun playdate with other housebound people. 
  70. Decorate the snow with spray bottles and food dye. 
  71. Try a bunch of other Try It Kids INC activities on our other lists. 🙂


Anything to add to our list?

Have a great day!!

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