By S. Standish

***Taken from the Fall 2017 Mini-Magazine

Being able to be by yourself may seem absolutely crazy if you’re the type to overbook your day with a million other things that need to be done. It is unrealistic even considering a five-minute break to parents or those with an insane lifestyle. Here’s a list of ways to get at least 5 minutes to focus on yourself.

Our simple list…….

  1. Getting some fresh air at work or at home. Walking outside, staring at the clouds and filling your lungs with outside awesomeness.
  2. Making a bucket list. I love making bucket lists for the season, the holiday, on vacation, etc. It gives people joy to plan on things they are going to do either by themselves or with loved ones.
  3. Starting and finishing a quick Pinterest activity or craft. I pin a lot of great things, but creating a 5 minute activity/craft board will make me feel like I have accomplished something.
  4. Downloading a meditation app, going to a place where you can get some peace and quiet and zen out. You can also pick a phrase or saying that means something to you and repeat it for 5 minutes.
  5. Doing a quick stretch. Sometimes I start to get stiff at work. Go the long way to the washroom and stretch a bit on the way.
  6. Reading a article or blog post on something that interests you.
  7. Use the phone and actually call someone that makes you feel good. Ask what is going on in their lives and arrange a time to get together, that will give you some more connection time. Like being by yourself, social connections are vital for emotional well being.
  8. It takes approximately 5 minutes to brew a good cup of tea….coincidence? I think not. If you’re not a tea drinker than coffee, hot chocolate or apple cider also need to be prepared. Offer a co-worker/spouse/child one and go take the time to ‘brew’ the drinks.
  9. Play your favourite song and just bounce around to the tune. I love doing this in the morning when I am getting ready for the day.
  10. Journal your thoughts.
  11. Visualization. Take 5 minutes in an area where you can get away and visualize what makes you happy.
  12. Use your green thumb……water the plants, trim them, plant new plants, start an indoor herb garden all these things connect you to nature and helps to restore your focus.

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