12 Easy Christmas Crafts

By S. Standish

This list was the product of sitting down with my boys and trying to figure out what we wanted to make this Christmas. Some are ideas we found online, some are all our own! Join us on this journey of crafting this December.

  • Popsicle Stick Christmas Trees
    • Materials: Popsicle Sticks (coloured or not), glue, adornments(glitter, sequins, pom poms, yarn, etc.), Twine, Yellow Construction Paper – for the star

      Image result for popsicle stick christmas tree
      Image from onelittleproject.com
  • Pipe-cleaner Candy Canes
    • Materials: Green/Red/White/Sparkle pipe-cleaners, Red/White/Green Pony Beads
  • Jingle Bell Necklace
    • Materials: Ribbon/Twine/Yarn for the string, pony beads, and a large jingle bell for the charm
  • Hand-print Reindeers
    • Brown/Red/Green/White Paint, Blank art paper, Pom poms ( a red one if you are making a reindeer)
  • LED Tea Light Snow Men
    • Materials: Led tea lights (dollar store), Black/Red/Green felt, Black Sharpie, Twine for hanging
  • Paint Sample Christmas Trees and lights
    • Paint sample sheets, Buttons, Yarn, Ribbon


  • Christmas Slime
    • Materials: Ingredients to make slime (Elmer’s Recipe), sequins, fake snow, glitter, confetti
  • Cinnamon Stick Tree Decorations
    • Materials: Cinnamon Sticks, Green garland, Buttons, Twine

      Image taken from http://blog.consumercrafts.com/seasonal/winter/cinnamon-stick-tree-ornaments/
  • Festive Air Plant Gifts
    • Materials: Festive rocks/marbles, Air Plants, Decorations
  • Elf Hats – Think Ugly Christmas Sweaters You Wear on Your Head
    • Materials: Plain Holiday Hats from the Dollar Store, Adornments, Don’t forget to put your ELF NAME on it too!!!!
  • Whimsical Christmas Tree Paintings
    • Materials: Art Paper/Canvases, Sharpies, Various water paints
  • Holiday Candy Dish
    • Materials: Dollar Store white bowl, sharpies

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