Over 70 Awesome Things To Do With Your Family This Christmas…:)

By S. Standish

I have given you a LOT of options to use and create your own bucket list with your family. Half the fun is creating the list as a family and posting it somewhere to easily check on and use to plan festive fun. I use fun scrapbook paper and make hot chocolate, sit down with my boys and come up with a list of things we all want to do with each other and for others.

To create your own Christmas Season Bucket List:

  1. Sit down and discuss with your family the things that they would enjoy and would like to do this year.
  2. Check your calendar/phone and see which ones are doable. You may have already done a lot of the things on the list {we try and start ours by the end of November} and can start checking things off right away!
  3. Print our Over 70 things to do this Christmas List….and if you are eager, attempt all of them!  Click below and print. 😀  Have a great day!

Christmas Bucket List (1)Christmas Bucket List

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