KidSmarty – Saying Hello Around the World!

By S. Standish

Be Ready for World Hello Day (November 21)!!!!!

In North America, most of us greet each other by saying Hello. Do you ever hear other people talking in other languages and wonder how they greet each other?

Fun Fact – There are more than 7000 languages and more than 7 billion people. If an equal number of people spoke each language, that would be around 10 million people per language.

Here is a list of SOME of the ways to say hello across the world:

Africa – Jambo

Canada – Bonjour or Hello

China – Ni hao

Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Qatar, Oman – Salam

Germany – Guten tag

Hawaii – Aloha (means hello, goodbye and love)

India – Namaste

Israel – Shalom

Italy – Bongiorno

Japan – Ohayo

Korea – Anyong haseyo

Malaysia, Indonesia – Apa kabar

Mohawk – She:kon

Netherlands – Goede dag

Russia – Privyet

Spain, Mexico, Cuba – Hola

Thailand – Sawatdee

It is awesome to greet people in their own language. Why not give it a try? 🙂


a. Paper Chain of Hellos – Cut a whole bunch of strips  in colours you want to use and have each participant write another way to say hello across the world.

b. Fill in the printable below with all the other ways to say hello.


c. Create a match-up or a crossword ( for the above terms.

d. Print off a large world map and have one or a bunch of kids put the different ways to say hello on speech bubbles on the map.

Extra Resources: 
One book to check out is “Children Around the World,” by Donata Montanari.

Hello in other languages Colouring Pages –  Mindfulness Colouring Pages

Online Translation Tools  – You can use the following online translators to check out how to say something in other languages around the world:

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