KidSporty Hockey Lesson

By G. Lewis

KidSporty Intermediate (6-8 year olds):  Hockey Weeks 1 and 2


By the end of this lesson, students will be able to:

•   demonstrate persistence while engaged in stick handling and passing activities that require the use of both large and small muscles

•   formulate simple strategies, such as keep eyes on the ball, “push“ with inside of the stick and follow through with arms, to increase their chances of success while shooting/sending the ball with their stick.





Hockey sticks, bean bags, targets (buckets, hoops, pylons), handheld small balls, 2 goals, soft pucks.

Warm Up:

Moving on the Spot – focus on stretching and using feet in sport specific way – 2 Minutes

  • March on the spot or around the room; lift the knees high and perform a variety of arm actions while marching.
  • Jogging: on the spot or around the room; slow pace, faster pace, touch heels to hands (behind back).
  • Lift knees high in front; use accompanying arm actions.
  • Jumping: feet together, slow, fast; while turning; make a square pattern; make a triangle pattern.
  • Kicking: combine hop and kick forwards, sideways; with bent knee or straight leg; alternate legs.


Around the Room – focus on getting heart rate moving – 2 Minutes

  • Hopping: one foot then the other, slow, fast.
  • Skipping: around the room, change the lead leg.
  • Galloping: around the room forwards, backward.


Action:  Travelling with a Stick and Ball:  Introduce the hockey stick – 2 Minutes
–        Introduction of hockey stick safety:  NEVER above the waist, never used to hit or swing.

  • Give each child a hockey stick and observe how they move around the gym floor with it…stick on the ground, two hands, always in control of their stick.


Action:  Stick and Statue – 3 Minutes

  • Once mastered, Number all the students as either 1 or 2. Each student has a stick and a ball.
  • On a signal, students begin stick handling around the activity area.
  • Call out “1.” Students numbered 1 must freeze and become human pylons. Students numbered 2 then stick handle around as many number 1s as possible, under control.
  • Continue to call out 1 or 2, as the game carries on.
  • Ask students to self-assess their level of safety during the lesson using the Thumbs-Up Strategy (see Appendix), taking into consideration the number of penalties they took and whether they adjusted for speed to stay in control.




Action:  Plyon Circuit – 3 Minutes

–        Using the stick handling methods just modelled, students will travel in and out of a series of pylons with ball/puck and stick.



Action:  Passing Ladder – 3 Minutes

–        Teacher models how to send the puck/ball as a pass at a target/to a friend.

–        First modelled with students passing to and from the teacher in a passing ladder.

–        Front hand and backhand.


Action:  Passing and Receiving Drills – 3 Minutes

  • Students stand two metres away from the wall and pass to the wall.
  • With a partner, students pass the ball back and forth. Repeat using backhand.
  • Give both partners a ball so they can pass to each other at the same time.
  • Students pass to a partner who is moving while they are stationary.
  • Partners practise passing between pylons while moving.


Action:  Targets – 4 Minutes

  • – Set up many large targets around the walls at a variety of heights (bench turned on its side, hula hoops taped to wall near the floor, paper targets taped to the wall).
  • – Children shoot their ball to a target from a distance of 2-4 metres. The children should begin from a stationary position.
  • – Children rotate and shoot at the various targets.


Action:  Stick handle and shoot – 4 Minutes

  • – Children combine the skills of stick handling and shooting by stickhandling around a set of pylons at taking a shot at the goal at the last pylon. Have children aim for different parts of the net.
  • – Focus on using both sides of the stick, shooting/stick safety!!!!

The Games:  Target Hockey – 5 Minutes

  • Assign each student a colour of pylon/beanbag.
  • Have students stick handle around the gym.  When “shoot” is called, students must move towards their pylon and shoot their ball at it.

The Games:  Floor Hockey – 10 Minutes

  • 5 players per side maximum, NO GOALIES!!!! Substitutions should be made to accommodate larger teams and allow entire team to participate.
  • Equipment/Set-Up: 1 ball, hockey sticks, 2 nets placed at each end, played indoors in a gymnasium.
  • Objective: The objective of the game is to score by shooting the ball into the opponent’s net.
  • Game Play: A face-off at the centre of the court is the start of the game.
  • The ball must be dribbled with the stick or passed up to team members in order to score on the opponent’s net.
  • Defensive players attempt to strip the ball away from offensive players using their sticks. Other than this, there is no contact between players.
  • When a team scores, the ball is placed in the centre of the court and the defensive team becomes the offensive team.
  • Extension: To make the game more challenging, turn the nets so that the inside of the net is facing the wall. To score, players must shoot the ball off the wall so that it deflects into the net. No goaltender is required.
  • Extension: Use more than one ball.


Cool Down: Breakaway Challenge – 8 Minutes

      • Students carry the ball towards the net on a breakaway, with instructor(s) in goal.
      • Focus on stick handling, aiming and shooting the ball in the direction of the goal.

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