Best Shows on Netflix – For the Little Kids!:)

By S. Standish

I am always trying to figure out what shows have good story lines and are more than just fluffy entertainment for my kids. I really enjoy as a parent, if there is a lesson or moral of the story that we can discuss as a family after watching something.

Netflix has a lot of great content and I have started to compile a list of shows that are great for kids. I will keep adding to this blog entry!:)




Young Kids – Preschool/Primary Age – 3+

  1. Beat Bugs – since 2016Beat Bugs TV Poster Image
    1. Episodes based on Beatles music. So cute, with great lessons. I read reviews about children not getting the stories, buy my kids had little exposure to the Beatles and they loved everything about the show…..and they learned some great songs too.
  2. Ask the Storybots – since 2016Ask the Storybots TV Poster Image
    1. Friendly bots answer questions that kids ask. Each episode has a special guest star to help figure out the ‘big’ question. The different components keep kids (and parents) engaged and the educational aspect is very well done.
  3. Clifford the Big Red Dog – since 2005Clifford the Big Red Dog TV Poster Image
    1. A great series about a girl and the BIG pet that every child wished that they could have. The series is full of educational messages on social, emotional, and physical matters. Everyone loves Clifford!
  4. Super Monsters – since 2017Super Monsters TV Poster Image
    1. Cute monsters go through situations that show positive behavior for preschoolers. We started watching it around Halloween and all three of my boys (8,6,4) loved the stories. And I like how it shows typical behaviors and emotions that young kids experience and ways to deal with them.
  5. Sid the Science Kid – since 2008Sid the Science Kid TV Poster Image
    1. It’s about a group of young kids curiosity about the crazy world around them. These kids then have fun finding answers through hands-on exploration. Sid and his friends are excited to explore new things and solve lots of cool scientific adventures and mysteries.
  6. Luna Petunia – since 2016  Image result for Luna Petunia
    1. I (or my offspring) have not had the chance to watch this show yet, but the reviews online and from friends on this Cirque de Soleil cartoon are great. “Puzzling mazes, mega meteors, lost treasures, the Jelly Jungle and other Amazia wonders await Luna and the gang in this season of fun and learning.”
  7. Word Party (Jim Henson – since 2016) Image result for Word Party
    1. Four adorable baby animals want to learn and have fun. These little animals have a lot of great times, and there is a great educational component to these episodes.
  8. Dino Trux – since 2015Dinotrux poster.jpg
    1. This cute show takes place in a prehistoric world full of  part dinosaur and part mechanical construction vehicle characters. These characters have to defend themselves from an evil Tyrannosaurus Trux, named D-Structs.
  9. Dreamworks Dragons – since 2012Image result
    1. We loved the movies and this show is the ongoing adventures of young dragon trainer (Hiccup) and his lovable, but fierce, dragon companion, Toothless. It takes place in the Viking era on the island of Berk.
  10. PJ Masks – since 2015PJ Masks TV Poster Image
    1. The new obsession in our household about three young superheroes (2 boys and 1 girl) who fight crime at night in their PJs and live like normal young kids during the day. Lots of teamwork to thwart criminals plans. My youngest thinks that this show is the best!


The One’s We love Too:










Let us know if you have any recommendations to new shows (or movies) that are awesome for little kids to watch.

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