The Seven Classic Wonders of the World – Activities and Games!

Seven wonders were picked because the Greeks believed the number meant perfection, and also because at the time it was the number of the five planets scholars had identified,

Image From Wikipedia  – Which of the above pictures do you think matches the descriptions?

plus the sun and moon.


  1. Colossus of Rhodes – in Aegean Sea off the coast of Turkey
    1. KidCrafty Activity – This was a huge bronze statue of sun god Helios that took 12 years to build, was 105 feet tall, was destroyed by an earthquake a long time ago. Bronze coloured play dough – Make your own Colussus of Rhodes!!! What do you think it looked like. Make a stick man out of pipecleaners and then cover them with your play doh to create a sun god!!
    2. Bronze Play Dough!! – You can use brown or yellow playdoh and it works just as well. Here is the play dough we made using an old bronzer compact for colouring. (I have heard of people adding crumbled metallic crayons to heated oil too or bronze glitter to light brown homemade dough!!)
  2. Mausoleum of Halicarnassus – now in the Turkish town of Bodrum.
    1. An expensive marble tomb built by the widow of a king in honour of his memory. Create an elaborate crown with all the items you like doing, decorating it with the awesome things that would tell people about you!
  3. Hanging Garden of Babylon – was actually in an ancient town called Babylon, now near Baghdad, Iraq!
    1. Create a hanging garden from food and seeds that you can easily find in your kitchen. Or you can find some seeds at dollar stores to keep it cheap.
  4. Pyramids of Egypt – the oldest pyramid, Cheops, still in existance today in Giza, Egypt
    1. Origami Pyramid! Becomming obsessed with origami! You can use normal paper and cut a square, but I purchased this paper pack from
  5. Statue of Zeus – in Olympia, Greece
    1. Zeus was the most powerful of the Gods, and he was super cool, threw lightening bolts, controlled the rain/thunderstorms and had a magical horse called Pegasus. Fold tin foil around your plastic fork so that it looks like a big spatula. Make sure it’s as flat as possible with no sharp corners.
    2. KidSmarty Lab – Miniature Lightening Bolts!!! Materials: Rubber glove, styrofoam plate, place mat, plastic fork, a two inch strip of tin foil
      1. Put on the rubber glove and use your gloved hand to rub the Styrofoam plate on your hair.
      2. Put the plate on your place mat, and use the gloved hand to pick up your Homemade lightening rod (Plastic fork with the tines covered in tin foil and flattened neatly).
      3. Place the tin foil part of your lightening rod on the plate. Touch the foil with your other hand. Did anything happen??? 🙂
      4. Take your lightening rod off the plate, and try touching it again. If the spark is lessening or not happening anymore, recharge your plate byr rubbing it on your head again. Anything change? Try this in the dark and see what happens!!!
      5. How is lightening made? Lightning occurs when there’s a big charge difference between the clouds in the sky and the earth. Lightning is an amplified version of the lab you just finished above…..awesome eh?
  6. Lighthouse of Alexandria – a large lighthouse on Pharos Island off the coast of Alexandria, Egypt
    1. Light House tag……played in the dark. One person is it and everyone else has to make their way to the lighthouse (one player rotating in a circle with a flashlight)….this helps the ‘it’ player to see where people are in the room. As soon as they tag someone, they help tag others. Every round the lighthouse (flashlight out) and uncaught players have 10 secs to disperse. The lighthouse then turns back on and rotates and everyone has to safely get there. Last person to be tagged has won.
  7. Temple of Artemis – was in the ancient Greek city of Ephesus (now Turkey)
    1. Create a marshmallow temple, using mini and full size marshmallows and toothpicks.


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