25 Fabulous Fall Activities to do with Kids

  1. Dive into a mound of fall leaves. I did this as a child and we try to do it every year with our munchkins. The kids even love raking up all the leaves to jump into…..in the last round have a contest to see who can rake the biggest piles (to help you clean up).
  2. Fall backyard fleece blanket movie. Put out a tarp on the grass, have all viewers bring warm blankets and chairs. Here’s a list of great movies to watch with your kids.
  3. Autumn Geocaching. This is a fun way of seeing your local area, by following GPS coordinates to hidden treasure. Visit the geocaching.com website for information on how to get started.
  4. Apple Farm Visits. Some of my best memories of fall, also include trips to apple farms. Fresh apple cider steaming in the cooler air. Picking up an apple pie or having fresh apple doughnuts. Or making your own….we love this fried caramel apple doughnuts recipe.
  5. Fall theme dinner………have the kids make a centrepiece and design the menu. We love to talk about fall produce and incorporating that into our meal plan.
  6. Going to the pumpkin patch!!! We have a few in the area we live in. It becomes a tradition to go and explore the fall activities and pumpkin-headed characters in staged scenes.
  7. Fall Drive. The leaves are changing colour, and there are a lot of public park areas and off the main drive areas for you and your family to explore. Enjoy the beautiful scenery.
  8. Mini Apple Pie Bake Off. The smells in the house when these are baking is yummy!!! I have used the Kraft recipe site many times, the recipes (when followed) always turn out. I let my kids make designs with the pie crust, using mini cookie cutters. 
  9. Go through a corn maze. We are also lucky to be in an area with a plethora of fields. Corn Fields in particular, make awesome mazes. The more challenging the course, the better!:)
  10. Fall Colour Photography Quest. Have everyone grab a device with which they can take pictures, give a time limit and have each family member add to a slideshow of pictures everyone has taken.
  11. Pumpkin Bowling. Pick some solid (cheap) pumpkins out and make 10 pins out of water bottles. Because of the pumpkins shape it makes it quite interesting to play.
  12. Decorating PUMPKINS!!! A solid tradition. We like going to a campground that gives the kids ‘magic’ seeds, that when planted, have magically grown pumpkins overnight. 
  13. Experience a fall festival! Take in bands, try cheesy games and sample fresh baked goods. We enjoy all the festivals associated with our Canadian Thanksgiving. Look in the area where you live for great festivals to go to.
  14. Make a Leaf Craft. Look online and find something really cool that you and everyone in your family can create with leaves.
  15. Volunteer at a Food Bank. Goodness leads to goodness.
  16. Making pumpkin slime and pumpkin volcanoes. We used this site. It was so fun!
  17. Making a fall bird feeder. I suggest using a hollowed out pumpkin and fill it with seeds that feed the birds in your area.
  18. Go on a hayride.
  19. Put together a scarecrow. We keep bags that we want to donate to second-hand stores. It would be very easy to pull out an outfit and stuff it, to make a new member of the family to put in the yard.
  20. Take a family fall-themed picture.
  21. Make candy apples. We are lucky that my mom, aka grandma, loves to make candy apples with my kids every fall. And they love eating the sweet candy goodness (as do I). All you need is: 
    12 crunchy apples 2 cups white sugar
    1 cup corn syrup 1 1/2 cups water
    Red food colouring & Popsicle Sticks!!!

    Heat the corn syrup/sugar and water until it is around 310 degrees, add desired colouring, and then dip the apples, stuck with sticks, in the sugar.

    Put them on a baking sheet covered in parchment/waxed paper to solidify.

  22. Churn some homemade butter. I do this with my Grade 9 Foods classes. There is a multitude of ways to do this, but I found a pretty simple lab HERE.
  23. Nature hike. Get some energy out and enjoy the fresh fall air.
  24. Create some pine cone animals. Gather a bunch of pine cones, some googly eyes and felt pieces and let your children be creative. You can even change it to creating pine cone monsters instead of the animals.
  25. Take an afternoon and decorate!! Go all out decorating your front porch, or your entry way of your home. Plan it out as a family with materials you have, materials you have to make, and/or materials you can buy.


*Using an awesome Fall activity list (like the one above), write down 10 things you WILL do with your family this fall. Below is a poster you can print off and use in your home!

Fall Bucket List for the _______ Family1. _________________________________________2. ___________________________________

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