Things to take on a Cruise …….. with kids!:)

* By S. Standish 🙂 Lover of Cruises and mom of 3 new cruise fanatics.

Going on a cruise with your family is an awesome and entertaining way to explore cool areas of the world. Today’s cruise ships are like floating resorts with a never ending supply of wonderful things to do both onboard and off the ship. Meanwhile, your family is transported from exciting destination to even awesomer destination, while unpacking just the first day on the ship. That is why packing is so important. Don’t freak out about the list, it is only a suggestion. Being on a large ship is a wonderful holiday with the whole family (we brought grandparents and it was unbelievable). If you forget to bring something, it’s not a big deal is there is so much do on onboard. Have a wonderful trip!!!

  1. Clothes – Outfits for formal night dinners, everything else that you can pack for day to day wear in the locations and temps of your journey, but don’t forget the fancy clothes!
  2. Medication – Benadryl (allergy meds), Cough Drops, Ibuprofen, Antibiotic cream, Anti-itch cream, anti-diarrhea meds and anything else you need to bring. Pack a thermometer (just in case).
  3. Water Bottles – Good for carrying around during the day and on the islands, just have to empty them before boarding back onto the ship.
  4. Travel Coffee Mug – I love tea, and those ship standard coffee cups are small, a travel mug makes the warm drinks more potable.
  5. Chargers for your stuff – Bring the plug-in chargers AND portable chargers (to charge on the go)
  6. Travel Journal – Something great for the kids to look back on their sea adventure. You can keep day plans, pick best pics to develop and record the best parts of their day.
  7. Sun Hats – Make sure that each kid or adult has a good hat to protect their heads from the sun.
  8. Tupperware – For grabbing snacks for later, when the buffet is closed.
  9. Lanyards – For the ship cards. Grab some from the dollar store.
  10. Fanny Packs – I brought one for each of the kids from the dollar store. It can fit their tiny clip mp3 players, water bottles, tie their activity card lanyard to it.
  11. Magnetic and  Clips and Hooks – The walls are magnetic! Good to keep the daily activities, kids art activities. Put a few of these contraptions on your wall and you just created an awesome bathing suit hanger or the kids sun hats on.
  12. Bathroom Door Organizer – You can put tiny shampoos, sun tan lotions, aloe gels, brushes/combs, hair product, and anything else you may want to keep organized in the kitchen.
  13. Power Bar – There are not a lot of outlets in the cabin, so bringing an outlet is a good idea.
  14. Snorkel and mask kits – Great for the kids to see all the amazing fish off the Caribbean islands.
  15. Wipes – Great to clean up kids/spills/spouses on the go.
  16. Duct Tape – Hundreds of uses for this on the cruise ship. Fixing art, toys and luggage is a few of them.
  17. Baggies – We used them for everything, kids crafts, new little toys, snacks, to put things in to take to the beach.
  18. Night Light – Especially if you have an interior cabin. Helps the kids find the tiny bathroom at night in a strange place.
  19. Gravol – Anything to help with motion sickness, bring adult and kid versions. Some people use ginger pills or the motion-sickness wrist bands.
  20. Ear Plugs – Self Explanatory….and good for the mornings, when the kids want to play on their devices.
  21. Mesh Laundry Bags – Good to keep stinky clothes in, then put under the bed, until you leave.
  22. First Aid Kits – One of the small kits, with all the basics.
  23. Mesh bags for the beach – We found awesome diving bags at the dollar store, perfect for keeping the kids water toys, mask and snorkel in for the trip.
  24. Inflatables – Pack at the bottom of your bag. Make sure that you bring puddle jumpers, floating, water wings….whatever you need to ensure that your kids are safe when swimming at the pools and beaches off the ship.
  25. Copies of all your ID’s – I photocopied all of the important documents I needed for the trip.
  26. Beach chair Towel Clips – It can be quite windy on the deck, and these help keep your towels on the chair.
  27. Luggage Tags – The plastic ones are so much better to put the paper cruise line ones into.
  28. Baby Gear – Pack ‘n Play sheets, stroller, dishes that you need, bottle brush, dishwashing liquids, teething items, and everything else you need when you go on a day park with your little one.

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