Rocking the Summer: Fun Tips/Recipes/Games

By S. Standish

Fun Food Tips

Helpful Ideas:
a. Destemming strawberries, starting at the pointed bottom of the strawberry, push a drinking straw up into the centre.  This takes the stem and leaves off. If the aim is a bit off and the straw goes askew, keep trying to remove any pieces that are left.
b. Fresh Bananas Longer! Help banana’s last longer by 4 or 5 days, by wrapping the stem in plastic wrap.

Freezer Treats:
a. Frozen Fruit Wands – Thread grapes and other berries onto a bamboo skewer. Add a star (melon cut with a star shape) on the top, put in the freezer until frozen. Watch these healthy treats disappear on a hot day!!!
b. Ice Cube Flavour Drinks – Make ice cubes using a variety of juices (our kids love green apple punch/ cranberry punch/ orange punch) and let kids pick their flavoured ice cube to add to a seltzer or lemon pop.
c. DIY Kool Aid Slushies – 2 cups ice water, 1 packet KOOL-AID, 1/2 cup sugar, 1 full tray of ice cubes. Put all the ingredients in a blender and process until well blended. Make a couple different flavours and use glass tumblers to make it pretty.


Fun Dinner Themes:
a. Rainbow Dinner – ROY G BIV!!! Have the kids come up with a delectable meal including every colour in the rainbow!! Red – tomato sauce, Orange – cheddar cheese, Yellow – Pasta, Green – lettuce, Blue – blueberries, Indigo – blackberries, Violet – purple carrot ribbons.
b. World Traveller Meal – Pick a country and go all crazy. Let the kids help pick food, decorations, music, attire and discuss fun customs.

Summer Vacation Hints

Preserving Holiday Memories:
a. Collecting items (pins, buttons, postcards) from each visited place and putting them into a memory box.
b. Having a journal (online or paper). Writing in it every night with the best memories of the day.
c. Collect Christmas ornaments from each of the places you go a far distance to visit. We have a shell ornament from the Caribbean, Pink Flamingo one from Florida and my husband has a cool ornament from when he lived in Japan.
d. Filling out and mailing a postcard from your destination. A great memory that comes when you are home! A great message and a stamp from your exotic location! Keep them in a memory box.

Crafty Activities

Musically Inclined:
a. Mini Drum – All you need is a coffee can that can be recycled into a great instrument!! Cover it in construction paper, add 2 wood dowels for drum sticks and you’re (or your little one) ready to lead a parade.

Chalk up the Fun:
a. Target Practice!!! Using chalk draw 3-5 concentric circles and take turns tossing a beanbag to try to hit the center bull’s-eye. You can put values in the circles, if the kids are older and keep score.
b. Hopscotch – Good old-fashioned game. Have the kids design their own hopscotch board. Each player chooses a marker such as a stone, beanbag, shell, button, etc.
c. Smudge art – Let the kids go crazy with chalk and then smudge it with your/their fingers. This is an amazing tactile experience that can produce pretty cool results.

Outdoor Water Fun – Need adult supervision with any water centric activity!!!

DIY Activities:
a. Create a WATER BLOB (aka water pillow). Created from plastic sheeting and filled with a water hose.
b. Water Limbo – Turn on the hose and have the kids limbo under the stream, keep lowering the stream until the kids get soaked.

c. Dodge Balloon – For a small group of kids! Divide the group into two sides, have a divider (garden hose, streamer, etc.). Kids can pair off, using towels as a slingshot to fire the balloons into the other groups side. Get hit and you are out of the game! Last kid standing is the round winner. Keep playing as long as the interest remains.:)
d. Pass the Water – Have at least two groups, each member gets a solo cup there is a bucket with water at the front of the line, and an empty bucket with a line at the end of the line. The first person fills their cup and dumps it behind their head to the person behind them, and they pass what they got in their cup behind them, the last person emptying it into the bucket. The first group to fill the bucket to the line…WINS!!

Sneaking School In

Reading Activities:
  a. Incentive Chart on the computer – Pick topics that your child loves and make a chart. Asking my 7 year old what topics interest him made a list of robots, space, aliens, basketball, rock bands, guitars, spy agencies, dragons, dogs and airplanes. Create a chart with the topics your kids want to read and have them read a certain number of books under each heading. Once they finish a topic, they get a reward. Say we decide 4 books per section. My son finishes all the robot section and he gets a small robot from the dollar store. Motivates your kids to read!!

Will keep updating as our summer activities progress and we have more to add!

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