Top 15 80’s Movies to watch with your Grade School Kids

By S. Standish (80s child and therefore an expert in the field)

Make sure that you look at parent groups for reviews and information about appropriate content and what questions it may raise for your kids. We like the resource Common Sense Media.

  1. The Goonies (1985)- A group of misfit kids set out to find a pirate’s ancient valuable treasure.
  2. Annie (1982) – A timeless musical about an orphan with a ‘hard knock life’ given a golden opportunity to promote a rich man’s image and finding/receiving love when you least expect it.
  3. Back to the Future (1985) – The DeLorean! A time machine going back in your parent’s history to save the day and play a mean guitar, what a cool, timeless film!
  4. Ghostbusters (1984) – Who you gonna call? The original is a little cheesy, but still has a lot of great comedy. Slimer and Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man are classic spots of enjoyment for the munchkins.
  5. Little Monsters (1989) – A boy, who is being blamed for a lot of incidents he didn’t do, discovers a world of monsters under his bed.
  6. Harry and the Hendersons (1987) – A family finds a friendly Sasquatch but have a difficult time trying to keep tall, furry ‘Bigfoot’ a secret in their community.
  7. The Karate Kid (1984) – Good clean fly-catching fun! A Karate master agrees to teach a bullied kid martial arts to build his confidence.
  8. Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (1989) – A scientist with a daughter and son, accidentally shrinks his and two other neighborhood kids to a miniature size. Now the kids must fight backyard dangers as the father tries to find them.
  9. The Never-Ending Story (1984) – An engrossing fantasy about a land that is disappearing and a young boys journey in the fantasy world paralleling the boy reading the fantasy in the real world.
  10. Short Circuit (1986) – Such a funny adventure! Number 5 of a group of experimental robots in a lucrative lab has  a short circuit, suddenly becomes ‘alive’, and escapes on a big adventure.
  11. The Wizard (1989) – A boy travels across the country to have his brother compete in a video competition.
  12. Big (1998) – A movie about a boy wishing to be big, only to find his dream to come true will hit home for adults and kids alike.
  13. The Princess Bride (1987) – “As you wish!!” Grandpa tells his grandson a sweet story,  that has a lot of situations that can pretty much explain life. This is sure to be played on repeat in your house.
  14. Flight of the Navigator (1986) – A boy travels 8 years in the future and has a crazy adventure with an alien ship.
  15. E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (1982) – Such a great movie about kids finding a lost alien and the journey to try to get him home. “E.T. phone home!”


Let us know if we are missing any classics!!!

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