50 Things to Do During SPRING when Kids say “I’m SOOOOOOO Bored!”

Written by S. Standish, Co-owner Try It Kids INC., Teacher, Phys Ed Specialist, Mom of 3 Boys

It doesn’t matter what the age or stage yourself/your child/your grandpa, we can all use help to find awesome activities to keep our kids/selves busy and engaged. If coming up with a chore list, isn’t making them happy then try one/some/all of these fun activities!!

  1. Make a SPRING Bucket List of things they want to do. I buy fun scrap paper and post it up and we cross things off as a family.
  2. Learn how to Regrow veggies and herbs from scraps in your fridge. Personal crowd pleaser favourites: green onions, tomatoes and mint.
  3. Make a fabulous fort, with items you don’t mind getting muddy, outside!!! The crazier the design the better.
  4. Have a Spring Cleaning Donation Challenge. A box for each child, have a goal of 20 items, and each kid can get a new book from the thrift store that you donate to. (Hopefully you have gotten rid of 10 other books!)
  5. Make a ‘copy’ of a famous painting. This is awesome….print off a multi-million dollar print of a painting and post it for the munchkins and have them copy it as close as they can.
  6. Make FRESH CITRUS JUICE. Find a small hand juicer, or buy a cheap plastic one from the dollar store. Wait for a week when your chosen citrus fruit is on sale at the grocery store. Cut some oranges/lemons/limes/grapefruits in half and let kids make their own juice! They can make a cupful or a whole jug, that is up to the guardian and the supplies. Do this on tea towels as some juice is going to go all over the place!
  7. The reliable Marshmallow & Toothpick Tower! Easy, buy a pack of mini marshmallows and a package of toothpicks and let the kiddo’s go crazy! Just make sure each participant has the SAME amount of supplies.
  8. Make a map of the neighbourhood, have kids bring markers and paper to the park and draw how they would get there and get home by drawing it out. Make sure they include any noticeable items like signs, statues, other cool items to help others stay on track when using their map masterpiece!!
  9. Teach a crazy cool Magic Trick, or have them try their own. They can put on a show once they have mastered a few tricks!
  10. Create a Family Band. Rock out using your kids’ various toy instruments, come up with a band name and create your own hit song.
  11. Create a new sport, if you have a sport bucket full of various items, throw it in the middle of the yard and have the kids come up with a new sport, there has to be written rules and CLEAR instructions. Then you and other adults/kids around can play the new sport.
  12. Outdoor spring “snowball” fight. USE FOR UNMATCHED SOCKS!!!:) Roll socks into balls, try to have 12ish ‘snowballs’ per side. Use dark vs. light and give 5 mins and a middle line to the two groups. Mission: To try and have the least amount of snowballs on your side at the end of the time.
  13. Create a Family Bootcamp. There are tons of apps that you can download for timing, make a list of their favourite activities and do a ½ hour workout. Add Head/Wrist headbands for fashionable fun and a memorable photo opportunity.
  14. Cloud journal. Have kids lie on their backs on a clear cloud-filled day, and give them a piece of paper and pen. Write down all the shapes/items they see in the cloud for a set period of time. Compare lists at the end.
  15. No Bake Cookies or Candies……good for the MasterChef’s in training. These are usually quick and easy and require minimal parental intervention. Follow the guidelines and the kids will love the end result (SNACKAGE) of this activity.
  16. Making Bean Bags. Bean bags can be used for a variety of things. No sew and sewing Instructions HERE.
  17. Dig in the Dirt. Have kids help with planting your summer garden or your flower beds. They love getting into the dirt and feeling like they are a part of the process. Have them come with you to get flowers from a greenhouse or store.
  18. Origami Spring Animals…….Birds, Frogs, Turtles, Baby animals. Help little ones with the folding and watch bigger kids make these awesome critters. Origami is a relaxing and addictive activity.
  19. Create a Juice Carton Garden!!! This works in any larger water-holding container that you have in your recycle bin. Cut off one of the flat sides, let the bored one add dirt and some seeds. Rocks to make it pretty. Label the outside or decorate. And wait to see what magical things grow.
  20. Make and fly a Paper Bag Kite!!! Follow the instructions here! Kids love to have their own spin on this activity.
  21. Explore your own city. Tourist time! Pretend to be a family of tourists in a new city (where you live:) )  and see sights you’ve never seen before. Like going to a museum or event. Use your city’s event calendar and to do lists to check out what you shouldn’t miss!
  22. Bike Wash………Set up an outdoor ‘Bike Wash’ station. Buckets, sponges, dish soap and water. The kids will love it, especially on a warmish spring day.
  23.  Start a Cool NEW Collection of Stuff….seashells, leaves, bugs(with no harm).
  24.  Rain Walks. I love grabbing umbrella’s (if warm rain, then just going without) and going for a stroll checking out the worms. Bring a ruler for each kid and see who can find the longest worm on the trip.
  25. Drumming Skills Station. Set up an area outside or inside (garage or basement) that   has items that your kids can be drumming rock stars in. Pots, Pans, actual drums, wooden dowels for drumsticks, etc. Let them make sounds and come up with an epic drum solo.
  26. Coffee Filter Crafts – We did a butterfly garland using the coffee filters, markers, clothespins, a little bit of water and yarn. It is so cute, it is still in our living room from 3 weeks ago! It is featured in our Spring 2017 Mini Mag.
  27. Have the kids make a LARGE Outdoor Tic-Tac-Toe Board. Let them plan out the 3 X 3 grid, and what they could use for the X’s and O’s.
  28. Create a Baking Soda Volcano. Make it BIG (if outside), on a tray or cookie sheet if indoors.
  29. Balloon & Pool Noodle Game – Purpose: Keep the balloon in the air, not touching anything!  Give each kid a pool noodle and they can share or have their own balloons.
  30. Make a Bird Feeder. There are so many crafty DIY plans for bird houses. If you don’t have the crafty urge, dollar stores usually have great starter houses for your kids to go crazy on.
  31. Start a Fairy Garden. This a great activity for everyone in the family to participate in. There are so many ways and objects you can use for this project. My boys added lego houses, Ninja Turtle characters and pipe cleaner plants to their design last year. It was awesome.
  32. Beanbag Baskets Game. Materials needed: 2 big bowls/baskets/containers and beanbags. Kids just play to sink the most baskets with their beanbags.
  33. Create a NO SEW sleepover bag. Buy a BIG T-SHIRT….long enough to cover a pillow! And follow our instructions HERE. (link will soon be available)
  34. First PICNIC lunch of the season, have the little ones come up with a menu and find a basket or container to put the food in. This can be done indoors OR outdoors.
  35. Create a Photo Collage of Spring. Have a set number, say 10, of pictures that you want your child to take the show what SPRING means to them. Print them off and let them make a collage of their work. Post it up for all to enjoy!
  36. Have the kids design their Dream PLayground/Fort. You can do a project plan on paper, make a 3-D paper model (keep cardboard rolls and pieces).
  37. Try YOGA! Find a deck of cards, spread towels in the backyard and have the kids try the poses on the cards! Or if it’s raining, find a peaceful place in your house to try the moves. Add some music to suit the cards….for example if they are Animal Yoga Cards, finding background jungle music would be great!
  38. DIY Bowling. Find 12 empty water bottles and use a soccer ball as the bowling ball. Explain the rules and let kids play how they want to. We did the night version (add glow sticks to bottles) while camping and it was awesome!
  39. Backyard Treasure Hunt. This is so fun, come up with a ‘treasure’ it can be a tray of snacks, fun dollar store items, etc. Make a map and instructions of the area you want the kids exploring and let them find the prize!!
  40. Build a cardboard castle. Kids love this! Stop by an appliance./furniture store and ask if they have any extra boxes you can take home with you. If they do, flatten them and load them into your car. Let the kids reassemble them into whatever configuration they want.
  41. Gymnastics Obstacle Course – Somersaults, beam, turns, jumps. Have the kids set up a course in the backyard or another open space.
  42. Gather some stones and make an INUKSHUK. Explain what it is and what they mean to the Inuit people.
  43. Taco Bar – Lay out all the ingredients for amazing tacos in bowls (have the kids help with the shopping). Cinco de Mayo is in Spring!! Celebrate!!
  44. Favourite STUFFY Hide ‘n Seek. Using your child’s favourite animal hide them somewhere in or out of the house, and let the kids find it. JUST remember where you hid it, as it can cause a rough bedtime!
  45. Soccer Shoot OUT. Easy Peasy-Make a goal, find a soft ball and keep a tally of the score if you choose. Distance for shot, goalie vs. no goalie can be determined by the players.
  46. Garden Stepping Stone. I always find free small stones on online sale sites and mommy groups, picking some of these up for crafts is a cheap way for your kids to have some fun and add colour to your garden!
  47. Countdown Calendar to Summer VACATION. Print off the last couple months of the school year, and kids can decorate and put fun milestone activities on, crossing off each day!
  48. Rocktwig Sculptures!!!Take a leisurely stroll through a forest/park/nature-filled area and have the kids collect rocks and twigs to take home and make sculptures using twine and paint to decorate them with.
  49. Learn how to throw a Frisbee. Teach yourselves and/or your kids how to toss around this flying pie plate(check out the history of the Frisbee)! Master the grip that bests work for you, and try not to hammer chop it!!
  50. Vintage Board Game Competition!!! Break out one of the games from your childhood, or your parents, or their parents. If all you have is Pie Face, take a run to a thrift store and pick up a classic game for the whole family to try. Like the original Mousetrap!

No matter what stage your children are at, there is something on this list that you can do with your kids to beat the boredom blahs. Your kids just might come up with their own ideas that you can add to this list for the next time your doldrums hit.

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