Spring Crafts To-Do List:

Paper Bag Kite

  • Materials – Large brown paper bag (from a store, sometimes a larger gift bag works too!), String, Hole puncher, tape,  scissors, art supplies to make it awesomely your style, Stapler/Glue, streamer rolls
  • Grab your bag by the open end, put a piece of clear tape in each of the corners(near the edge) and punch 4 holes (one in each center of the tape in the corner).
  • Cut two pieces of string, approximately 3 feet in length and make handles on the bag.
  • Cut another piece of string approximately 5 feet in length and use it for a piece to grab onto, by tying it to the loops in the middle.
  • Decoration time! Make it yours, with colour and streamers attached to the end.
  • Hold onto the string and run, the kite will fill up with air and rise up to the sky behind you!

Homemade Face Paint

  • Who doesn’t love a painted face????
  • Materials – a small bowl for each colour, Corn starch (1 teaspoon per bowl), 1/2 teaspoon face cream (cold cream recipes work best) per bowl, 1/2 teaspoon water, Food Dye for each bowl, small paintbrush, cup for rinsing brush
  • Stir together corn starch and cold cream until well blended, add water and stir.
  • Food dye is to be added one drop at a time, until it is the perfect colour!
  • Paint faces with your paintbrush!
  • Soap and water easily takes it off.
  • Store paint in baby food jars (or another small container)!!!

Melty Crayon Wax Art

  • Need a Guardian to help with this one!
  • Materials – Ironing board or heat-resistant surface, Paper, Wax Paper, Crayons, Grater, tea towel Iron
  • Put several layers of paper on your heat-resistance surface.
  • Put a piece of wax paper, wax side up, on the paper.
  • Grate crayons (if they are little, grab some crayon pieces and do it for them) and then sprinkle the pieces over the wax paper.
  • Put a second sheet of wax paper (wax side down), on top of the crayon design. Cover with a tea towel.
  • Have an adult guardian iron the design until the crayons are melted.
  • Put to the side to dry.
  • Take of the wax paper and enjoy your abstract art!

Rockin’ Art

  • Materials – rocks, glue, paint/paintbrush, cool add-on materials like play dough, pieces of fabric, sequins/glitter, string, etc.
  • Collect some rocks that you see cool objects to be made in. Like a person, animal, spaceship, etc.
  • Glue rocks together, paint them and add materials to make them unique!!

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