Tale as old as time……..

What an epic retelling of the classic Beauty and the Beast!!!

I took my 7 and 6 year old sons to the theatre to see this movie on their insistence and pleading to go! I loved the 1991 Disney cartoon and remember going when I was young and being awe-struck of the tale. My 7 year old is a play actor and loved the whole musical aspect of the movie and came home pretending to be a prince locked in his bedroom for all of last night making a paper rose and finding costumes, my 6 year old loved the beast but hid his head in the crook of my arm for several key scenes that were a bit violent (there are guns and shooting) and scary(wolf chases, Belle’s mom dying of the plague, Maurice getting tied to a tree). You have to gauge what your young viewers can handle. I have seen reviews online that ran the gamut from extraordinary to avoid. Personally, I thought it was extremely engaging, the right amount of intense with some valuable life lessons.

This live action remake encourages movie-goers to look beyond the fake demeanor and to be straight-up good people (compassionate, inquisitive, generous, understanding). Although the movie will appeal to kids of all ages (I loved it!!), especially those familiar with the Disney cartoon version, parents have to be careful as some of the scenes can be very intense, with a few surprising and jarring moments that leave characters injured and in one case dead. I don’t want to ruin the story line for those of you who haven’t seen it, so I won’t go into details.

Highlights of the movie were Belle’s steadfast strength, independence, and intellectual savviness,  her touching relationship with her father, the animation of the castle characters (love Lumiere and Cogsworth), Beast’s gorgeous and detail-rich castle, Gaston, and the cinematography of the village and lands around his cursed castle. The extraordinary costumes(Belle’s yellow dress…..Disney can you make one for mass production in a woman’s size 8????) and awe-inspiring set design add to the movie’s overall effect, but it’s the actors stellar performances that stand out in this lavish musical remake.

I will be definitely buying this movie when it comes out!


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