Try It Kids – KidSmarty – Crazy 8’s :)

Overall Goal of the Game: To be the first one to get rid of all your cards. ytkkje88c

Materials: Regular 52 deck of cards

Number of players: Minimum 2 to 8, but if you have more than 4 you may want to use 2 decks of cards.

To START: One person is the dealer (you can determine that from a volunteer to rock/paper/scissors). If there are only 2 players you can deal 8 cards each, more than 2 deal 6 cards each. Flip one card over and that becomes the suit to be followed. The person to the left of the dealer begins.

Rules you must follow suit or the card rank themselves. For example if they person before you lays a jack of hearts, and you have a jack of spades you can lay it down and change the suit for the person after you, or lay down another heart. If you don’t have any cards to play, you must draw a card to either play or pass.

The Special Cards: This varies for everyone. Depending on the way you were told to play growing up or any special rules that have been thrown in. Playing with little ones, I leave the 8’s (namesake) and they love the pick up 2 cards.

8’s – Change the suit of the cards being played. They are the wild card.
2’s – For the person on the left to pick up two more cards. We play a max of pick up 4,           meaning two players in a row can play the 2’s.
4’s – Miss a turn!!
Queen of Spades – Pick up 5
Kings – Reverse direction of play
Last Card – When a player only has one card left in their hand, they must announce it
to the other players. If they don’t they have to pick up another card from the drawing

Negotiate new rules!!! Kids love changing things up. Keep it basic for the first few hands, adding more stipulations as the game goes on.

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