Safe Homemade Valentine’s for School!!:) List of our Top 5!

Elementary schools have numerous regulations in regards to what you can send to school with your child to share with their class. Having 3 members of our 5 member family with severe nut allergies, I empathize with parents in similar circumstances. Having grown up in a home where peanut butter was a staple food, I understand the frustration with limitations.

  1. Glow sticks, bracelets, wands, etc.
  2. Pencils – Kids love pencils!
  3. Erasers
  4. Homemade Silly Love Putty – This is great if your child wants to make some. I buy lots of plastic easter eggs for this purpose. I would also suggest speaking to the teacher and supplying the materials for the class to do as a STEM activity.
  5. Origami Hearts – Again your child can make them for their class, they can write a special message on the inside, fold it up. Or paper can be supplied to the class, and the teacher may appreciate a lesson for the class.

Check out the FREE Print Offs for all of the above HERE: valentines-2017

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